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Former prosecutors. Tenacious advocates. Criminal defense attorneys who actually try cases.  

Headquartered in Arlington, VA, Newton Turner, PLLC defends clients against allegations at every stage of the criminal law process.  We are one of the premier criminal defense law firms in Northern Virginia.  Our lawyers are former prosecutors who have tried literally thousands of criminal cases to a verdict, including over two hundred jury trials, and have earned the respect of prosecutors, judges, and other defense attorneys along the way.  

Our experience as prosecutors distinguishes us from other criminal defense firms.  We understand the dynamics of a prosecutor's charging decision, and possess first-hand knowledge of the way the government builds and prosecutes criminal charges. This insight gives us an invaluable tool when designing and implementing defense strategies.  

We achieve favorable resolutions for our clients because we are not afraid to take cases to trial.  If there is a weakness in the government's case against you, we will find it, and we will exploit it.  We do not settle for unacceptable resolutions.  When we say we will proceed to trial rather than take a plea agreement, we are taken seriously.   We cannot overstate the importance of our credibility:  it leads to better resolutions for our clients.  

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Practice Areas


Many individuals charged with driving drunk have never been accused of a crime before.  The process is stressful, frightening, and completely unfamiliar.  Worse still, Virginia's DUI laws are strict, harsh, and remarkably complicated.  Our attorneys have tried numerous DUI cases, and taught DUI law to the police and other attorneys. We utilize our immense knowledge and experience to put our clients' minds at ease and to obtain favorable results.  

Child advocacy

Many cases involving juvenile rights require the appointment of an attorney called a guardian ad litem to advocate for the best interests of a child.  In some cases, the court will allow the parties to offer a joint recommendation for a particular guardian ad litem.  We examine every case to which we are appointed through a multi-displinary lens, consulting with relatives, school personnel, mental health professionals, child protective workers, and others to understand a child's particular needs--and to effectively advocate for them.  

serious Traffic cases

In Virginia, simply exceeding the speed limit by twenty miles per hour or more is a misdemeanor, regardless of the conditions or the driver's skill.   Virginia's traffic laws border on draconian, and prosecutors in many jurisdictions will not negotiate with you unless you are represented by an attorney.  Our attorneys have spent years as prosecutors in the traffic courtroom trenches. We approach your case from every angle to reach a quick and positive outcome.   

crimes of violence

We have litigated numerous cases involving violent offenses, from assault and battery to first-degree murder.  We understand these cases are often far from clear-cut.  Many times, alcohol plays a significant role. Other times, individuals legitimately act in self-defense or in defense of others. Unfortunately, many of these cases have to be tried.  If you're charged with a violent crime, it is critical that you have an experienced trial lawyer on your side.  

DRUG offenses

Despite a national push for drug policy reform, Virginia continues to embrace a "tough on crime" approach to drug-related offenses, including marijuana distribution. Contrary to what many have read or heard, mandatory minimum sentences still exist and are alive and well in Virginia.  However, these offenses are often difficult for the prosecution to prove.  We know the many challenges that prosecutors face, and use this information to your benefit.  

search + seizure

We are adept at knocking out the government's evidence against our clients through an aggressive motions practice.  If the government violated your constitutional rights during a search or seizure--for instance, a traffic stop--the remedy is usually exclusion of the evidence found as a result of the violation. We have litigated virtually every criminal procedure issue, and know when, where, and how violations are likely to occur. 


The only real lawyers are trial lawyers, and trial lawyers try cases to juries.
— Clarence Darrow


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