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Areas of Practice



Many individuals charged with driving drunk have never been accused of a crime before.  The process is stressful, frightening, and completely unfamiliar. Worse still, Virginia's DUI laws are strict, harsh, and remarkably complicated.  Our attorneys have tried numerous DUI cases, and taught DUI law to the police and other attorneys. We utilize our immense knowledge and experience to put our clients' minds at ease and obtain favorable results.  


Many cases involving juvenile rights require the appointment of an attorney called a guardian ad litem to advocate for the best interests of a child before the court.  In some cases, the court will allow the parties to offer a joint recommendation for a particular guardian ad litem.  We examine every case through a multi-displinary lens, consulting with relatives, school personnel, mental health professionals, child protective workers, and others to understand a child's needs and welfare. 

shoplifting + theft

Shoplifting as little as $200 worth of merchandise is a felony in Virginia.  You can be charged even if you only acted as a look-out or distracted a sales clerk--or the police believe you did.  Shoplifting less than $200 is the misdemeanor crime of petit larceny.  Shocking to many people, especially to those who live outside of Virginia, is that Virginia has instituted a three strikes rule on petit larceny:  a third theft offense is punishable as a felony, regardless of the amount taken.   

Reckless driving + Traffic crimes

In Virginia, simply exceeding the speed limit by twenty miles per hour or more is a misdemeanor, regardless of the conditions or the driver's skill.   Virginia's traffic laws border on draconian, and prosecutors in many jurisdictions will not negotiate with you unless you are represented by an attorney.  Our attorneys have spent years as prosecutors in the traffic courtroom trenches.  We approach your case from every angle to reach a quick and positive outcome.   


We have litigated numerous cases involving violent offenses, from assault and battery to first-degree murder.  We understand these cases are often far from clear-cut.  Many times, alcohol plays a significant role. Other times, individuals legitimately act in self-defense or in defense of others. Unfortunately, many of these cases have to be tried.  If you're charged with a violent crime, it is critical that you have an experienced trial lawyer on your side.   

trial consulting + training

Whether you're a new lawyer, or perhaps just new to Virginia criminal practice, we can teach you how to try a criminal case to a jury in the Commonwealth.  We promise to deliver trial advocacy training of the highest quality in a format that suits your needs, preferences, and time and budget constraints. 

drug + narcotics offenses

Despite a national push for drug policy reform, Virginia continues to embrace a "tough on crime" approach to drug-related offenses.  Contrary to what many have read or heard, mandatory minimum sentences still exist and are alive and well in Virginia.  However, these offenses can be difficult for a prosecutor to prove.  We know the challenges prosecutors face, and use this information to your benefit.  


We are adept at knocking out the government's evidence against our clients through an aggressive motions practice.  If the government violated your constitutional rights during a search or seizure--for instance, a traffic stop--the remedy is usually exclusion of the evidence found as a result of the violation.  We have litigated virtually every criminal procedure issue, and know when, where, and how violations are likely to occur. 

victim representation 

As a victim of a crime in Virginia, you have many legal rights granted to you, including the right to privacy, the right to be treated with dignity and respect, and the right to be heard by both the court and the prosecution.  Our lawyers have spent years prosecuting domestic violence cases and crimes against family members, and understand the stress and often contradictory emotions that victims experience.  We are not afraid to advocate aggressively for you, whether you want severe punishment, mental health or substance abuse treatment, or even leniency.